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Why Speed Nutz?

Speed Nutz started out as the concoction of two major car guys, Jim and Jason. They like everything that has to do with going fast, cars, trucks, motorcycles, sprint boats, racing… you get the idea. These crazy boys (and their even crazier wives) started Speed Nutz as an apparel company with dreams of a hot rod shop in the near future.

We came up with a sick name, and the branding was easy after that. When the squirrel idea came out (hehee… squirrel…. nutz… get it?), we were sold! Premium is the name of our game. From the clothes we wear to the builds we do to the rides we drive… affordable luxury is where it’s at.  Contact us with any questions you have, if you just want to meet us, or if you want some apparel to spruce up your wardrobe.

Our Team

The Nutz

Jason Christ
Owner / Builder

Jason's first learned to upset his parents by turning every remote control car they bought him into a pile of a million pieces all over their floor. Even at a young age he was hooked. Starting in high school, he fed his need for horsepower working in the luxury ski boat industry. Also, he gets his adrenaline-junkie fix as a navigator for a sprint boat (hopefully a soon-to-be sprint boat owner.)  Jason is an expert at turning out high-quality work and meeting the needs and desires of high-end customers. Jason's motto is: Tires... smoke 'em if you got 'em!

Jim Crocker
Owner / Builder

Jim’s love of anything with wheels goes back to when he was just a kid. From customizing bicycles, custom van conversions, working for vehicle manufacturers, assisting in the building of prototype vehicles for Ford, GM, Kia, Lincoln, Lexus, and Mitsubishi, and vehicle transport for special events… you get the idea. His experience is vast and his knowledge and love of cars is great. He’s spent over 40 years in the car industry, and his motto is… “If it has a motor, it better look good and go fast.”

Sam Christ
Marketing / Web Design

Sam's expertise is in marketing, graphic design, and web design... which is good, because we needed all of that. Her experience ranges from purchasing soft goods for a retail store, designing marketing materials for a variety of businesses, dance choreography, running her own dance competition, and more. She's eager to try new things and her slight perfectionism pushes her to excel at everything she attempts.

Barbara Crocker
Business Manager

Barb is the most personable people-person you’ve ever met.  Her experience in the cosmetics sales industry and managing her husband’s business for years, makes her the perfect person to interact with customers and make sure all of their expectations are met.  She has a bubbly personality and the ability to turn your frown upside-down!